Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CS Itself

Sometimes I wish that I had stuck with my original choice of being a Computer Science major. On my way out of the Engineering building today, I overheard two guys talking about some sort of project they were working on which involved an interesting sounding program. There's something nice about the specific type of math that is involved in the programming world. It's an entirely different way of thinking and it is one that I understand very much.

However, it just doesn't interest me when I imagine working with computers long term. That reminds me of my dad, and nothing against the old man, but that's what he did and I feel like I should be different. My dad didn't do too well in life. He found an amazing women and had some great kids (myself included), but he found a lot of it through luck. He was a brilliant man, but it was his laziness that got him down. I'm very worried about that myself. Oh well, I have to do homework now. If I decide it's worth doing that is...

- D

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