Friday, February 3, 2012

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Why do human beings feel the need to drink when they want to? What makes us so addicted to feeling differently than we are supposed to? It doesn't make sense why people, including me, don't want to think how they normally think and prefer to make mistakes while intoxicated or otherwise under the influence. It might be because normal life is boring and people want to spice things up, but the next morning there is an 80% chance that we will just regret what happened the night before...

Ironically, I am mildly intoxicated right now while writing this, and for some reason it feels sort of good. The blur of the world and the lack of importance of everything that happens is sort of fun/interesting. People also look at you differently when they are drunk and this is also the reason guys prefer girls drunk...

I'm not condemning anyone reading this that uses any types of drugs or alcohol, cause I do as well; but I'm just saying that next time you do, think of the reason you feel compelled to do so. Also, try not to drink when you're sad, because that can lead to some very upsetting things.

- D

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  1. Animals get stoned. Elephants will guard fruit for days while it ferments. Eucalyptus leaves make a Koala bear perpetually stoned and stupid. You have to stay up in a tree to pull this off. Adventure and curiousity teach us much of what we know. Shallow people can find depth while drinking! :)