Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Basketball Game

In this post, there will be no deep thought; there will be no ignorant musings. I am just remarking upon the extremely entertaining basketball game I went to. It was George Mason vs. VCU. I go to George Mason so obviously I was cheering for them. There were remarkable plays throughout the entire game, but the ending was the best part. We were tied with about three minutes left and we started trading baskets.

With about 30 seconds left, VCU was ahead by a good amount of points. That was when Mason started making a lot of points. We would make a basket and then foul them so the clock stops. Eventually, we are behind by two and it is our ball with two seconds left. This was literally the ending of a game out of a movie. One of our players gets the ball and shoots the three pointer right before the buzzer went off.

When the ball went in the basket, everyone in the stadium LOST THEIR SHIT. Everyone literally went batshit crazy. People were yelling, screaming, throwing things; it was amazing. This was the first game I'd been to this year with all of my friends and it was a photograph game. Thanks to everyone at Mason.

- D

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