Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comm Class Sitcom Part One (The Setting)

So in my comm class, there's this group of three people sitting two rows in front of me. Leaving names out of it, there is a girl with a boy on either side. The boy on the left (lets call him Lefty) clearly has an interest in this girl (lets call her a capitalized version of the subject, Her). He approaches it the wrong way, however. He tries his best to be completely hipster and every time he looks at/says something funny, he looks at her for what looks like acceptance. However, she does not appear to be interested in him.

The boy on the right (lets call him Righty) has a scraggly beard but a clean appearance; and she appears to be quite fond of him. He doesn't pay all that much attention to her, appearing to have other things on his mind. How I take it, however, is that he is also interested in her, but is approaching it the correct way. It's more of an adult approach to the classic "hard-to-get" method which I fail at.

Well, from my point of view (slightly biased I must admit, for I am also interested in this girl), this situation is hilarious. Left does everything he can to get Her attention. Class is over though, so more on this later...

- D

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