Friday, February 10, 2012

Liar, Liar

Everybody lies. All of us. don't? Shut up, stop lying, yes you do. From the beginning of spoken word, people have lied. It's for a lot of different reasons, but it all roots from the same thing...the inability to completely trust others. Nobody unconditionally trusts another. It's not programmed in our brains to completely rely on someone else. That brings me to one of my all time favorite quotes:

"Beware of he who withholds information, for he dreams himself your master." - Anonymous

- D

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  1. We lied waay before we had words! A large part of mating rituals involves competition between males. Bluffing is often employed. It often works!There's a lie that pays off big time. There are so many, they all work untill you get caught.

    Here's a really fascinating lie. People who believe in themselves, who think they are wonderfull, even when they are not still derive the chemical/emotional benefits from their belief. They tend to survive and procreate more often than those who perhaps see themselves a bit more accurately. This means the genepool will select more for self delusion! (to a point, too much delusion will cause you to be ostracized)
    Is it any wonder we still believe many of the absurd things we do?!!