Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tough Guy Act

You know the people. They insist that if they don't like it, then you shouldn't like it or you're "gay." They make fun of things that they actually support and support things that they actually dislike just to earn the respect of the majority. Tough guys. Fuck that. Why can't all of us just be ourselves all the time. Why can't we just go on with what we want to do...

It doesn't make any sense.

- D

1 comment:

  1. Almost everything a young man says and does is posturing. Seriously. Underneath all your thoughts is an animal. Trying to impress or challenge. Before you even think the words there are millions of years of evolution and an entire nervous and endocrine system making you feel. Where do all these motivations come from? The manimals need to challenge other males and get laid. It's been that way since before we were human.

    We are all ourselves all the time. One self with mom, another with our friends, each designed to create and support a situation where we are loved or admired. Humans are social animals. We perish without love or pride.