Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Checking In

I've been pretty down lately. My life isn't going the way it really should be. My grades are actually picking up, which I didn't actually expect. I just don't like how my relationships are going at school. It's hard to explain, but I've had trouble with the people around me a lot and it is really starting to get old. I don't mind people using me for small things. I don't mind people hating me, because I understand why they do (most of the time).

The only thing I absolutely can't stand is people lying to me, or leading me on. I can normally tell, but when it comes to certain people I definitely can't. So if you have a problem with me, or really want to tell me something, please do. Don't keep secrets, it's stupid, I normally don't get mad about anything so just tell me.

- D

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