Monday, March 26, 2012

Silver Lining

I guess I should start focusing on the more entertaining part of life, not the shitty way my life is going. Earlier today, I found out that someone that lives next to me is writing their Conflict Resolution paper on ME. That's right, they are writing about having a conflict with yours truly. This totally made my day. It isn't often that you make an impact on one's life, and a negative impact is all the more satisfying. Even so, I'm just glad that someone actually sees me as an influential part in this world; it doesn't matter what/who I'm influencing.

On an unrelated note, a wise man that is very close to me told me to "Transcend your ego." This is exactly what someone like me needs to do if they are at all going to enjoy life. This is also what I must do if I plan to live to my full potential. I have an absurdly bloated ego. The thing I need to learn to do is actually do things that compliment my ego positively. I need to go out and do amazing things because of the fact that I am an amazing person with an amazing intellect.

- D


  1. Glad to hear a more positive post from you. The last few ones have had me a little concerned so this is a big improvement.
    And I completely agree with that last part. You will do amazing things simply because you are in fact an amazing person.

  2. More than likely you are not an amazing person and therefore do not need to be amazing. If you are shooting for amazing all the time you are being unrealistic and will grow to hate yourself or others around you. Do many things and a few will be amazing. You dont have to be amazing unless your ego is as overblown as you claim. Transcend that shit! If you think you are actually amazing no one will like you. You probably wont either because you'll be wasting all your time maintaining an illusion! You dont have to be amazing to do something amazing. Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time. Think about it.