Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today in English, we were discussing torture; it was because of some article we read.

The girl next to me said these words, I fuck you not: "If I was tortured, I'd just laugh." No you would not. If you were tortured, you would yell and scream like the rest of us. That's just a ridiculous thing to say. The human psyche is an easy thing to break if one inflicted enough pain to the body. Consider this, and keep in mind, it's incredibly dark to think about...

Someone kidnaps a woman who is about nine months pregnant and delivers the baby as safely as he can. He then allows the woman to become attached to the child. After attachment is established, which would only take a day or two, he gives the woman a choice every day: for her to be tortured, or her child. Since protection of young is built into human instinct, the woman would obviously choose herself. This would continue for weeks and maybe even months; but there would be a distinct time where she would completely snap and tell him to torture the baby.

This is the scary part of human torture; everyone has a breaking point. It's terrifying but also fascinating to think about (sorry for this being such a dark post). It just annoys me that some people think that they would be fine if they were captured/abducted and tortured.

- D

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