Friday, May 18, 2012

Airplane 3

So I’m on the flight(s) to Australia. The one I’m currently on is going to San Francisco. It’s a six hour flight, and I will be arriving at 7:30 PST and thereafter post this online (I’m writing in Word whilst 20,000 feet above everyone). After that, I will be sitting for about a two and a half hour layaway in the airport. After that, it’s off to Australia! I have no idea how long the flight is going to be, but it will be long. Luckily, I am riding in a 747, which I’m pretty sure just stands for 747 “plane units” bigger than the planes that you normally fly in… I just hope it means more leg room possibly. For now, though, I have to live through about two more hours of this. It’s not bad really, I’m not one to complain; I can just sit and listen to music, having already slept for about an hour.

My right leg fell asleep, though, which kind of sucks. I’m in a window seat (thank god) and my right leg is all the way against the wall, with two people to my left. They are both asleep with many things in their lap, so I’m not about to tell them to get up just so I can use the bathroom; young bladder, I can hold it. Other than that, I put two full seasons of Doctor Who on my laptop, I have 3,000+ songs on my iPhone, and I have my 3DS with about eight games. So, naturally, I’m incredibly bored and have nothing to do. I guess I’ll put on the next episode…

- D

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