Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Purpose of Motivation

Most of us have seen a video or heard a song that has motivated us. It speaks about today's age going away from the more hardworking era and towards an era of instant gratification; one which rewards people for barely doing anything. It talks about working hard just to work hard and accomplish something most people don't.

It grabs our attention and makes us decide that second that we are going to change; we are going to try and make a difference in our lives because of a two minute audio clip, and it's good.

But what happens when that video ends? What happens when you snap back to reality. In those two minutes after the video, we justify our lives in order to not change. That's the problem with those videos. They are without the correct medium to actually LET us change our lives. They don't LET us make any big changes, because, as I sit here having just woken up in the dark, I won't change my life; I'm not in the position to.

That's what we need to do...FIND the position to change our lives. FIND that one golden circumstance that allows you for true inspired change...THEN you will have changed, and it will be for the better.

- D

1 comment:

  1. Waiting for the "one" anything is self defeating, an easy out. There are instead many, and they wont ever tell you they are the "one". Inspired change comes from within and works with whatever circumstances are at hand. The method of motivation is at best a passion but generally a need.
    Other than that one detail I wholeheartedly agree!