Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sort of a cheesy title, isn't it...

How can we possibly tell if an apology is actually genuine and heartfelt. Little known fact, most of them aren't. It doesn't matter how big your ego is, people do not like to apologize. It's a very blatant way of telling someone that you are worse than them when it comes to certain circumstances. That's why no one really likes to apologize, and they rarely do it willingly.

And I'm not talking about post-accident apologies. You know where you accidentally break someones wine glass or something. I'm talking about the I'm-sorry-I-led-you-on-for-years type of apology, the shit that actually matters. People need to just come right and say that they're sorry instead of just pretending nothing happened and moving on...

Now back to my book...

- D


  1. I find this true a lot. It is very humbling to ask for forgiveness. Just curious, what book are you reading?