Friday, February 17, 2012

Private School

If you're reading this and have gone to my private school, Nysmith, then you probably think that it didn't really prepare you for much of the studying you are going to have to do in high school and college. This is true. However, I believe that Nysmith taught me a certain way of thinking, an entirely different train of thought that I utilize every day.

I can't explain to you why I think it has and I really have no idea how I would have been taught it, but I know that there are some talents that me and fellow Nysmith alumni share. Firstly, for some reason, I am very good at grammar. You may notice some grammar mistakes in my blog, yes, but it's either just me being careless or true poetic license. Secondly, all of us are very good at seeing people for who they truly are. Again, this is hard to explain; but I believe it is relevant in almost all aspects of life.

Thanks Nysmith, for everything and nothing. Thanks for random skills that I'm not even sure I acquired there. But most of all, thanks for great friends that I somehow still have.

- D

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