Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yes. I'm talking to you. All of you. And me. Stop being so damn cold. Stop being narcissistic. Stop being a bigot. Stop being egotistical. Stop being passive aggressive. Stop trying to act like a "real man." Stop all the power plays. Stop being condescending. Stop it. Seriously. It pisses everyone off.

It doesn't matter how generous you think you are, because 99% of the things that you do, even if it isn't even close to directly, are for selfish reasons.

I don't care if this loses me viewers. I don't care if one of the possibly 5 people that read this blog just plain old stops, because even if you stop reading here, you've heard my point and eventually it will sink in. That's the plan at least...

Everyone is equal. Yes you, you're not fooling anyone. You may think you're smarter, or stronger, or purer, or whatever-er. Everyone has the same potential to prove their worth whichever way they want. All of us, however, are too damn focused on proving that we are better that none of us take the time to actually better ourselves. The reason I created this blog was in hopes of passing along at least some of the knowledge that I hope to have learned in my life. This is pretty much my entire message, this post.

tl;dr : Stop trying to fool yourself; you're no better than the rest of us.

- D

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