Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scare Tactics

Why do people freak out over viruses or phishing scams? People spend great deals of time complaining or trying to fight malicious attacks against their computers or their online accounts. As long as people stop being stupid, there is no reason any of them should be getting viruses or becoming the victim of scams.

I'm not saying to not be careful. Sure, check the sources of every e-mail that you receive. Sure, freak out whenever you open an e-mail that you shouldn't. But, don't start yelling at people you know for doing things on the internet that may or may not be safe or secure.

Those stories about "experts on computer security," getting caught by a scam or virus, are 80% complete bullshit and 20% ridiculous circumstances. Don't be scared by these stories, and don't stop surfing the web because of them. Just don't be an idiot on the internet...

- D


  1. 100% of the statistics you use are made up on the spot! :D

  2. That's because they're "opinionated" statistics. I don't claim for them to be real... Are you just going to keep making up ways you don't like my blog? Cause it's getting annoying and is wasting both of our times...

  3. I agree with this. For the most part I trust my internet habits as much as any anti-virus software, only my habits don't take up hard-drive space. On the few occasions I have had something on my computer it was as simple as downloading some software temporarily and I've been browsing the internet without catching anything ever since.